Jakes Five Star Carpet & Upholstry Cleaning

call jake when you need residential or commercial restoration and cleanup needs. jake is available 24/7 and his advanced cleaning system helps prevent secondary damage and the presence of mold. he works hard to restore your belongings, and your life. you can rest assure that jake will perform an extremely preofessional, and highly thorough clean-up every time! JAKE'S IS CERTIFIED BY THE CARPet & RUG INSTITUTE OF AMERICA. CALL JAKE TODAY!

Jakes Five Star Carpet & Upholstry Cleaning

- The Bane-Clene Carpet Care System is a tested, proven and unique carpet cleaning system, which will safELY freshen and clean your carpets. (THIS CARPET CLEANING SYSTEM DOES NOT VOID ANY current WARRANTIES)

- Bane-Clene is a warm water extraction carpet cleaning system which uses no abrasive brushes or harsh chemicals. Pressures, temperatures and the pH of the cleaning agent are all carefully controlled. Bane-Clene leaves carpets soft, the texture restored, the colors brightened and better able to withstand future soiling. More than 95% of the moisture from cleaning is recovered with the Bane-Clene System. Carpets dry quickly, stay cleaner and last longer.

- With Bane-Clene, all the heavy equipment stays in the truck - nothing enters your home but the operator, with a cleaning head and a long hose.

- We bring our own presoftened water and do not use your water or disposal facilities. All the dirty water and unpleasant odor goes out through the sealed hose into the waste water tank in the cleaning van. There is no messy clean-up afterwards and no danger of spillage in your home or office.

- In the case of high-rise apartments, offices and condominiums, most Bane-Clene Carpet Cleaning Machines are capable of portable operation without sacrificing high quality. The deep, warm water extraction will provide the optimum in appearance for your fine carpeting.

- Bane-Clene has worked with fiber producers and carpet mills in testing their products, and Bane-Clene constantly updates training programs to include instruction in the cleaning of all new carpet materials. Regional meetings and training videos keep Bane-Clene representatives informed of changes in cleaning technology.

- Problems such as rust stains, pet odors and spots, heavy traffic lane soil, and shampoo or powdery residue from previous cleanings can be treated with our uniquely formulated cleaning agents and superior equipment.

- Major carpet manufacturers recommend that carpets be professionally cleaned and leading fiber producers and carpet mills recommend the safe, efficient and dependable Bane-Clene System.