The Bane-Clene Cleaning System is used exclusively by carpet cleaning professionals. This system is NOT a “steam cleaner” and why it’s preferred and highest recommended cleaning system by the majority of fiber producers and carpet manufacturers. In fact, Bane-Clene works closely with fiber producers and carpet manufacturers in product testing. Constantly updating their formulas to continually be the number one choice cleaner in preserving the integrity of your carpet and upholstery.  The Bane-Clene System is a registered External Extraction and is the only cleaning method making the category “deep cleaning.”  All other methods, including the most used steam cleaning, are in the category of “light surface cleaning” even if performed by a professional service. Since it is not a steam cleaning method, having your carpets cleaned with the Bane-Clene System will NOT void your carpet warranty. Yes, steam cleaners often void carpet warranties by damaging the carpets with excessive moisture, harsh brushing, and too much cleaning agent.


So how does it work?

Bane-Clene works by warm water extraction. The PH level of our cleaning agent is carefully controlled and this system does NOT use abrasive brushing, high water pressures, hot temperatures. After the cleaning, your carpets are softer, the texture is restored, the colors are brighter. 95% of the moisture during the cleaning in recovered with the Bane-Clene System. Carpets dry quicker, stay cleaner, and last longer. 


The Bane-Clene System stays right in Jake’s vehicle. Only your operator and a long hose enter your home. No need to worry about damage from hauling in bulky equipment. We also bring our own presoftened water. All the dirty water and unpleasant odor leave your home through the sealed hose into the wastewater tank in our cleaning vehicle. There’s no messy clean-up afterward and no risk of spilling nasty water in your home or office! High-rise apartment or office? No problem! Our machine has a portable operation without sacrificing high quality.